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Seven Ess Investments, LLC ~ With over 25 years experience in the construction industry,
we have the expertise to make your construction experience move along with ease.

Whether it is for your home or business, we understand that your project is your investment. From
the conceptual design - to the completed project, our exceptionally qualified, skilled team of
engineers and specialty trades are able to provide outstanding service to our customers and save
them time and money, where others are not able to.

Seven Ess Investments, LLC is an approved General Contractor through the City of Phoenix
Affirmative Action Program.

Seven Ess Investments, LLC offers various energy efficient solutions for residential and
commercial buildings. Contact us for an energy evaluation. Many rebates and incentives are being
offered for lighting, windows, and renewable energy.

Seven Ess Investments, LLC is committed to educate and incorporate alternative energy
within our residential and commercial projects, and becoming a leader in Arizona's photovoltaic
marketplace. Implementing Solar is a smart solution if you’re looking for a way to lower your
carbon footprint and your energy costs. Installing a 500 kW solar power system prevents the
emission of approximately 1,200,000 pounds of carbon dioxide annually. According to the EPA, this
amount is equivalent to the annual carbon dioxide emissions of 100 passenger cars or the carbon
dioxide sequestered annually by 124 acres of pine forest.

SEVEN ESS INVESTMENTS, LLC is proud to be members of the following organizations:
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